Get up to everything, because we’ve got everything else sorted

This is London, and even though you might be in town to work, most probably you’re also here to have some fun. Either way, you want to feel relaxed and ready for your day and night to pan out smoothly ahead of you.

You likely don’t want to spend your time frustrated at things not quite working, being miles away from everywhere you need to get to, waiting interminable amounts of time as you watch web pages load at sloth-bear speed, feeling still hungry after that depressed-looking croissant at breakfast…everything should be just that bit easier. More logical. Enjoyable. That’s where every hotels come in. We’re here to give you the stay you want, the rest you need, the visit you deserve. Every time.

Get up to everything else

What are we on about? Well, how many times have you sidled into that morning meeting cursing the hotel hairdryer for merely breathing on your soaking wet mane, leaving you insecure and frazzled-looking at your Big Presentation? Ever get sick of staggering blindly around the hotel room in the morning searching for your screeching mobile because the only socket to plug it into was at the far other side of the room? And then tried to wake yourself up with a cup of instant ‘coffee’ that bears an uncanny resemblance to dishwater flotsam? There are better ways to start your day. Or at least we believe there are. That’s why we provide your very own Nespresso® machine and fresh milk in every room. Every room comes with USB and charging sockets beside the bed. Actual hairdryers. A Smart TV to relax with while you enjoy the free minibar contents on your super comfy bed. Plus an in-room iPad with the fastest hotel Wi-Fi you can find, to tell all your friends all about it.

Little Sparks in the Big Smoke

Another part of helping you get the most of this city is helping you get to know it. Our staff are friendly, down-to-earth, in-the-know and proud to show you around their London. Whether it’s a hairdresser, late-night karaoke bar, arthouse cinema or proper British Chicken Tikka Masala you’re craving, ask any of our staff and they’ll point you in the insider’s direction. Prefer to be prepared before you arrive somewhere? We’ve got you covered on that too – with the very first every hotels comes their very first blog: we’ll be showcasing the best but lesser known nooks and crannies of your new corner of the city.

Have a look through our first posts, with pointers on how to have an actually new New Year’s Eve in the capital, send you Eastwards to celebrate the creativeness of Winterville in Victoria Park and introduce you to the talented Mr. Nathan Sawaya – breaking down art boundaries one Lego brick at a time.

We hope you enjoy it, and come back to visit us to find out how to get up to even more with every hotels, every time.