Want to try something a little different this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’d like an escapade full of dizzying heights, a thrilling adventure for two, or a fun-packed and out of this world dining experience for you and a friend.

Why not think a little outside the box this Valentine’s Day. With London as your playground, you’ll have your pick of the best attractions around. From bungee jumping to quirky dining, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of adventure, and time for making exciting memories.

Thrilling Experiences

Want to make this Valentine’s Day a thrill-seeking adventure? Check out these suggestions.

Zombie Experience

What better way to solidify that wonderful bond than to completely scare yourselves to death, and fight for survival… together! Make it a wild and scary Valentine’s Day, and take on the land of the walking dead in this amazing apocalyptic experience. Weapon up, and take on the flesh eating monsters in an adventure guaranteed to bring out the best in your friendship; that is if one of you doesn’t get bitten first!

O2 Bungee Jump Experience

Take a leap this Valentine’s Day, and take in London from sensational new heights. With an amazing 160 ft drop and views of London’s iconic skyline, you and your beau, or bestie will cherish this exhilarating moment. Pile on the excitement and jump tandem, or stand back and watch others quake before you take to the podium. Either way, you’ll never forget this amazing experience.

Dining Experiences

Think outside the box this Valentine’s Day and try out weird and wonderful ways to chow down with a friend.

Dans le Noir

This unforgettable dining experience is sure to take dining-out to a whole new level. Featured in the wonderful British-American romantic comedy, About Time, featuring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, this eatery is first-class dining… done in the dark. That’s right. You’ll be treated to a magnificent menu and impeccable service in complete darkness, as you’re encouraged to savour the dishes, and allow your other 4 senses to take over. Described as “a true human and sensory experience”, it’s a transcendent encounter.

Drink Shop & Do

Do Valentine’s here, and you’ll be treated to an evening of Lego building, teamwork and just plain fun, as you attempt to create and build the world’s greatest robot… or something close! No room for over-the-top perfection here, it’s just a good night out with a delicious menu, cocktails and an impressive wine list to boot!

Mari Vanna

Step back in time as you enjoy the simply beautiful world of this Knightsbridge restaurant. A touch of Russian romanticism, Mari Vanna wins points for originality. This restaurant is a stunning meal for the eyes, and stomach. With an extremely elegant and traditional Russian menu and equally impressive wine list, it’s bound to set the right tone for the ultimate night out.

Cinema Experiences

Want to avoid the usual Valentine’s Day movie crowds? Want to just relax and watch a good movie with good company? Why not make Valentine’s movie going a novel experience with these interesting new ways to do cinema.

Electric Cinema

Do movie night like they did back in the day, and really make it a luxurious experience.

Not your usual cinema night out, Electric Cinema offers you not only luxurious seating options, with plush seats, side tables (avec table lamps) and footstools, there’s also the wonderful option of 2-seater sofas, and beds. That’s right, so you can truly lounge in style. The decor is reminiscent of that plush, romantic glamour of yesteryear, with a modern twist, and wonderfully reflects the long history of the cinema in London’s famous and trendy Portobello area of Notting Hill.

Cine Lumiere

For the international film lover, Cine Lumiere in South Kensington is the best place for a wonderfully fully immersive French and World Cinema experience. Showing modern titles and classics, the Cine Lumiere, named after French movie Icons, the Lumiere Brothers, is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy cinema mastery from around the world.

Institut Francais, a French language and culture institute which houses the cinema, also boasts the largest French library in the UK, where you can browse through the extensive literary catalogue, or become a member and borrow titles whenever you wish.

And for that extra chic touch, the Institut has a wonderful French-style cafe, serving an array of delicious French treats and an impressive selection of French wines. It’s the perfect Valentine’s escape.

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