Love to Lindyhop? Charmed by the Charleston? Swing Patrol might just be the troupe you should follow: held in the atmospheric Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, there’s no need for a partner, know-how or nerves at their popular Soho classes. Beginners can dip their toes in from 7pm to 8pm, improvers following that and everyone is free to stay on and practise together afterwards. They have classes and workshops all across London most days of the week and it’s as good for the soul as it is for the muscles, so go along and get into the swing of it!

If you’re looking for something a little smoother, suaver, utterly sultry, take on Tango. There are classes and centres scattered across London, but one of the best and most central located (for you) is Tango Movement, which holds fixed lessons, courses and drop-in classes in the City, Soho and Bloomsbury.  Taught by two award-winning Buenos Aires expats, this is an authentic Argentine experience of a traditional milonga group dance practice, with the teachers focussing closely on their students while making sure a fun and easygoing atmosphere reigns.

From the daring and continued popularity of Strictly-Come-Dancing, the art of sweeping across a crowded ballroom without tripping over someone’s dress and flooring your partner has increased in demand and, happily, supply. If you’re keen to learn, improve or show off but are travelling solo, Simply Dancing Partners will provide you with space, lessons and a professional partner to strut with. They also teach salsa, tango and latin dance moves, from beginner to advanced and offer private tutoring to the seriously dedicated (or shy).

If you can’t make up your mind which way your feet are going, Dancebuzz is a studio with multiple locations and teaches everything from Street Dance to Ballroom, Bollywood to belly dancing, ballet, Bachata and pretty much everything else imaginable. Danceworks Mayfair, opposite Selfridges has 7 lovely studios offering 120+ classes a week for all levels and abilities in ballet, street, tap, Latin and contemporary plus yoga, Pilates and fitness. Drop-ins are welcome, and there are private classes and short courses available for those in town a little longer.

All these venues and many more are within dancing distance of every hotel Piccadilly, so there’s no excuse to sit this one out!