Britain is famed for its fantastic pub culture, and many of London’s darkest drinking dens are swirling with rumours of former punters who met a grisly end and refused to leave the premises. Ever. Join one of the Haunted Pub Tours led by Best LDN Walks in the (sort of) dead of every Wednesday night around the cryptic centre of the city, discover who the real Sweeney Todd was, sip a G&T in an authentic former Opium den and parlay with a potty-mouthed parrot, or just pull up a stool with the resident bar-ghouls.

Watch as history comes to life after dark with the Coutours Old City Ghost Walk tour, which roams and groans its way from Chancery Lane to St. Paul’s Cathedral and braves dilapidated graveyards, abandoned former prisons, grisly execution spots and morbidly moaning plague pits – keep your wits about you so you don’t end up joining in with them!

Free London Walking Tours has also got an especially evil expedition around town, taking in haunted theatres to bedevilled barflies, these super spook-spotters transport you down into the hidden depths of London after dark, in and around (the usually quaint and cute) Covent Garden from Temple Underground just off the Thames.

The Jack The Ripper Tour is a gruesome, ghastly gander around the Whitechapel area this notorious murderer terrorised in the late 19th century. Featuring police evidence, hand-held projectors and a team of actors bringing the tales to life, this is a fascinating yet frightening one definitely not one for the faint-hearted…

Calm your jangled nerves afterwards at every hotel Piccadilly with a stiff drink and a soft bed waiting to welcome you back to the realm of the good-life (and the living!)