Drink, Shop and Do explains pretty much everything: a café that’s open morning till night, where you can eat, drink anything from tea to cocktails, buy the furniture or learn to make it… intrigued? You should be.  

Drink, Shop and Do explains pretty much everything in the title: a café that is open from morning till night, where you can also eat as you drink anything from English Breakfast Tea to crafty cocktails (“Corrrr… what a pear”, for example, concocted of  spiced rum, lime and apple juice muddled with fresh pear), learn a craft and buy anything to take a fact to while you do any and all of the above. Sounds impossible? Old school friends Kristie and Coralie seem to have pulled it off, ‘living the dream’ they’ve shared since quitting their less fulfilling day jobs just a few years ago.  The women scour vintage markets, car-boot sales and secondhand shops across Europe in search of items little and large with which to furnish their locale - from the fridge to the chairs, paper lanterns and even the tea-cups and cutlery, every last piece you see has been lovingly sought out, scrubbed down and can be snapped up by you if you’re in the market for it. 

The shop is at the front and also showcases new and emerging designers as well as retro treasures, while the café and bar at the back serves up delicious salads, sandwiches, soups, cakes, tarts and cheese and charcuterie boards. If you’re yearning to acquitter a new skill, the courses/classes/activities on offer range from knitting to dance, clay pottery or painting - the artier and craftier the better. 

As they’ve established the venue just around the corner from King’s Cross station, it provides an ideal way to pass an hour or so between connections, though just as worthy of an actual separate visit in itself. Plus, as patrons tend to take home parts of the place, the chances are that each time you drop in here it will look completely different - plus you might just come away a little bit changed yourself if you spend enough time there…