The London outpost of Swedish art-dealer Per Skarstedt’s modern and contemporary European art gallery never fails to charm and impress. 

The first outpost of the Skarstedt Gallery was founded in New York City in 1994 by Swedish art dealer Per Skarstedt, with a view to mounting historical exhibitions by contemporary European and American artists. This had become the core of his specialty knowledge and area of broad major appreciation in his native in Sweden, inspired further by the art scene in New York of the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

The Skarstedt Gallery in London was opened in 2012 at 23 Old Bond Street, with the fitting inaugural showcase "Andy Warhol: The American Indian." This London Gallery is based around the same times and themes as the original in New York, but seeks to expand and build on these contemporary Europeans and widen its focus. High-quality exhibitions and working in collaborative partnership with both top international museums and expertly curated private collections endows Skarstedt and his team with a unique all-rounder’s perspective. Skarstedt manages to cultivate especially close and understanding working relationships with the artists he chooses to represent, allows his galleries to exhibit with a view to attracting clients from primary as well as  secondary markets and thereby fostering a creative dialogue among  generations, across tastes and throughout the industry.

As for the New York gallery, its programme is still centred around artists of the late 20th Century, whose work explores concepts such as representation, authorship, identity and sexual politics across a wide-range of media. Skarstedt opened a further exhibition space in New York’s Chelsea area in May 2014, featuring as its inaugural exhibition "Klein and Warhol: Fire and Oxidation Paintings." All of these galleries combine together to allow  Skarstedt and his team to expand on their core collection of high-quality, historically researched exhibitions from modern and contemporary masters. A visit to this London exponent is like stepping into the heady art space of New York in the 80s, and never fails to deliver a catalogue of interesting, thought-provoking works.