Lower Marsh Market is a mostly foodie street market that has been running consistently in South East London since Victorian times.

Lower Marsh Market is a street market that has been running consistently in South East London since Victorian times. With products ranging from high quality vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and fish, sandwiches and salads as well as stalls full of women’s and men’s clothing, vintage jewellery and a plethora of other gems, spending a few hours wandering and rummaging will undoubtedly throw up some mini marvels. 

Having started life as a purely food and drinks endeavour that ran every week and mainly served the Waterloo commuting and office-worker community, the Lower Marsh Market has been rapidly expanding for the past few years, partly thanks to the general resurgence in the popularity of farmers’ markets and vintage shops. In March 2013 the Saturday Market was launched, which is definitely the day to come when you’re seeking out that one ingredient for you Grandma’s recipe that you just haven’t been able to source anywhere else. This is when the market sells speciality ingredients and produce such as artisanal charcuteries from Cannon & Cannon, award-winning meats from Boarstall Meats and unusual fruit leathers from Snact, among hundreds of others. Perennially popular stalls include an inventive jam and chutney producer (including concoctions made from vodka or Jamaican Jerk Beef) and the specialty avocado café stand (no prizes for guessing on that one), the Vegan Picnic Pie outfit, fresh pasta and sauces from the Seriously Italian Company and a few vendors who also frequent the Twickenham Farmers’ Market. 

Other products you can typically find include goat's milk cheese, raw, fresh organic Spanish almond milk from The Pressery, shellfish, cakes and more. Lower Marsh was afforded designated conservation status in 1984, as the shop frontages here have maintained their architectural elements and designs dating back to the 19th century,  when the entire area was in fact the commercial hub of this part of London.