A Bavarian beer bar serving up all manner of traditional drinks and feasts, Katzenjammers is a riot of fun and music every night of the week.

Borough Market has a vast array of stalls for the foodie and the dedicated drinker, and now it also has its very own  Bierkeller: a Bavarian boozer specialising in steins of bier, wonderful wurst, sumptuous sauerkraut, perfect pretzels and… you get the picture. It’s Germany in a bar, just beside London’s favourite market. Having perfected the art of the hangover it’s named after, the main draw is - as you will have guessed - the plethora of German beers on offer. With seven types on tap and more than triple that in bottle-form, the most popular draw is probably the Paulaner Hefe-Weizbier - though the potent dunkers, kölsch and dark lagers are worth giving a run for your money too. Of course, you could stick to any or all of these brews all night long and see how your Katzenjammer deals with you the following morning. But a better, tastier option would be to soak up some of the indulgence with the equivalent in solid food: from plates of mixed sausages and goulash to roasts and Sacher cake, this isn’t the place to bring your date-on-a-diet. They do serve a few glasses of wine and even a Belgian beer imposter in the form of Rosarda -  a summer berry concoction that you can tell yourselves is a lighter, more digestible libation to counteract the rest of the arterial overload you’ve just put yourself through. Failing that, order a Schnapps and call it a night. 

On Friday and Saturday nights they also put on live concerts by the legendary Oom-Pah Brass band, complete with traditional lederhosen outfits and thumping back-country playlist. The drinks and music combine to make for a generally raucous atmosphere, so your best bet is to call over your nearest serving Fräulein (no need to queue at the bar, thankfully)and join in the fray like a (displaced) native.