An underground bar themed on a disused Underground station, Cahoots is ready to serve you indescribable cocktails, class and cabaret beneath the city. 

Throwback, prohibition-themed speakeasy bars may not be quite officially over just yet, but there is definitely a new boozer in town. The latest sure thing is styled on wartime bunkers, set in a disused underground rail station and staffed by waiters in braces weaving between railway tracks, suitcases and converted bunker bunk-beds. Or at least, Cahoots is. During the war, London turned its disused tube stations into air raid shelters where citizens could escape the Blitz and, so the story goes, drink and dance away the stress and sorrows of being under siege. Hidden away beneath Kingly Court near Covent Garden, Cahoots is channelling these daring mischief-makers with this bar decorated with sandbags, bunting and a piano to have a singsong around. There’s bona-fide vintage tube-seat covering on the stools and the entrance to the bar is via a wooden stairway inspired by the authentic 1940s escalators.

Cahoots pays homage to the underground atmosphere of the originals by serving up mind-boggling cocktail concoctions in vessels ranging from hip flasks, vintage milk bottles and old-school coffee tins. If something a little less potent is called for, the patriotic Spitfire Kentish Ale is available on tap, and for those wishing to go all out, ‘The Tanqueray No. Ten Station Clock’ will be poured for you from a vessel featuring a fully-functioning clock (albeit one that ticks backwards, as time itself seems to in here). Staff are consistently in costume and character, there are live cabaret and swing acts a few nights every week, and whatever you do, make sure you do open the envelope at the back of the menu - the one specifically instructing you not to - you’ll be marvellously surprised by the service and secrecy you’re about to be in cahoots with. Get there sharpish, soon and ready for a honking, tonking good night out (or under, as it were).