Halloween is your excuse to dress up with no holds barred, even if you’re not in your hometown where people know you actually normally scrub up quite well. With the 31st of October falling serendipitously on a Saturday too this year, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best spots to source your scary sartorial from this year. 

As part of one of the world’s largest costume providers, Angels can be found fittingly in the centre of the West End and all the theatrical trapping, just off Covent Garden. Originally launched by a German immigrant from Frankfurt as a second-hand clothes cart, the business now makes Oscar award-winning bespoke costumes for professional stage and screen productions as well as renting out themed and topical outfits for all occasions. Options span all realms imaginable, from Tudor to The Imitation Game, Bond characters and superheroes, you’ll never be happy settling for your standard go-to skeleton or witch outfit with these scary saviours…

Once you’ve got the clothes sorted, it’s time to take professional action on that facial expression. Screenface, again in Covent Garden, caters to all sorts of make-over needs, from the subtle to the outlandish, whether you want to conceal or reveal. The make-up and body-paint range is all high-quality, sturdy and the professionals at Screenface will be able to advise you what will best suit your needs and which utensils to pair your products with. They also specialise in hair accoutrements, such as wigs, extensions, moustaches and beards, curlers, adhesives, removers and shampoos and conditioners plus added surprises such as fangs, fake blood and everything else you could feasible want to attach to your head this Halloween. 

Charles H Fox is top of the address books of theatre and film professionals in London, and has been since the 19th century. Providing make-up, wigs, moulding materials and add-ons from lashes to moustaches, also referred to as Kryolan (a ground-breaking brand of face-altering magic) the venue also offers personalised tutorials and training sessions for the uninitiated and uninhibited alike. Kryolan creates its own products, from concept to delivery, and has done so for more than 7 decades, so you can rest assures your face is in safe hands. 

Living up to its promise, Mad World will transport you to any number of other eras and lands through its beautifully crafted costumes and authentic Venetian masks, among thousands of options for all fathomable festivities. From the Victorian to the military, flapper style or Sci-Fi surrealism, fighter pilots or simply Santa Clause, take Halloween a step further than witches and warlocks in this crazy, cavernous dungeon of disguise. 

Finally, Costume Studio hire out expertly made outfits not only to major television and film studios, but to us in the humble general public too. Available for design, altering, consultation and dressing-assistance, prices are a little higher than some of its competitors, but you get the quality that usually only the very top of the professional leagues could hope to cavort around in. Just don’t go spilling your fake blood and ooze down your new satin spook suit… 

These treasure troves for dressing-up tricks and many more are all within strolling distance from every hotel Piccadilly, where you can take refuge and watch the spectacle from the safety of our huge comfy bedroom.