If football’s never been your thing and you need something inspiring to run towards, this city has a wealth of unusual and quirky activities to keep your brain and brawn in shape - no matter the will or the weather…

Urban Golf
Thought you needed to chance the weather up north in Scotland or soak it up down south in Spain to get a decent game of golf into your life? Urban Golf Soho is here to save you the trip. Breaking the barriers of mini golf and moving the game indoors and on-screen, Urban Golf offers a taste from over 60 of the world’s finest golfing greens, all in the centre of London. High-tech simulators will tee you off according to your chosen course, skills and type of iron you’re swinging with, amongst other factors. For the less initiated but equally passionate, there are lessons from virtual pros, stats on your performance and tips on improving your game. Parties and events can be booked at the clubhouse and bunker, with a sense of fun and a lack of rules the only rules they play by.

Equally virtual in reality but more hands-on in all senses, the Arch Climbing Wall is a bouldering centre crafted out of an old biscuit factory. Comprising 11,000 square feet of wall space, up to four metres in height and of nine varying levels of difficulty, this is one of the UK’s largest climbing centres. It also features bars, rings and hundreds of different routes to keep regulars and novices alike on always their toes - even more so!


The urban outdoors sport of freerunning has several outposts in London, and one of the best and most established groups of practitioners is Parkour Generations. Set up within the Grade II listed Chainstore building just off the Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf, this is a spacious, atmospheric place to learn the skills and art of this rapidly expanding new phenomenon, as well as other training classes such as yoga, dance, pilates and more. Parkour was originally created in France (from the French for “course”) and intended as a fun but intensive fitness regime involving leaps and vaults over and onto objects and obstacles in public spaces - fast, furious and practicable pretty much anywhere in the world, get your next fix right here in London. 


For something less hard on the joints but equally demanding of the concentration span, 2020 Archery is the latest circle in the art of slinging arrows. Based around a number of venues at London Bridge, the instructors here will sharpen your skills from beginner to advanced, solo to group bookings, one-offs to full courses. No need to delay further, take aim and let go!

every hotel Piccadilly is located in the very heart of London, making it simple and quick to get up to everything. So there’s no reason not to try something new...