Get your skates on, scale walls, and race across London in our ultimate guide to London's high-energy experiences. 

1. Roll on Sunday

So, you’ve overindulged on mince pies and eggnog, we hear you! So why not burn off some of that guilt with a Sunday Stroll. But before you start conjuring up thoughts of cosy weekend walks with a latte in hand, think again! It’s roller-boots at the ready for 9 miles of street skating - complete with a crowd of mutual roller-lovers, a marshall to keep you on the right tracks, and music to complete that street party vibe. 

2. Race through London

What do you get when you cross sightseeing, a treasure hunt and one serious workout? City Dash is the ultimate urban sport, as teams take to the streets to decode clues and capture as many checkpoints as possible, all while evading the watch of patrolling guards. Speed is of the essence as you race through the city’s streets and past its many landmarks, giving you a brand new take on the tourist trail. The bewildered look on the faces of passers-by make it all the more entertaining. 

3. Run Free


Don’t try this at home! But do try London’s latest craze, free-running, under the watchful eye of industry experts, Parkour Generations. Unleash your inhibitions as you fly across fences, walk up walls and vault over obstacles - it’s the ultimate workout for the mind and body, and the perfect antidote to those post-Christmas pounds. 

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