Halloween celebrations in the UK are catching up with the scale and fervour of those held by our neighbours across the pond (it’s originally a Celtic festival, after all!), particularly here in London. We’ve rounded up 5 of the most hair-raising feasts and festivities being hosted over the weekend of the 30th and 31st of October. 

Held in a befittingly secret location, parties at The Mansion London are occasions to unite a raucous rabble of international artists and friends living in the capital. Not wanting to keep the secret entirely to themselves, these night owls have opened up special themed evenings to the pleasure of the general public-in-the-know. There will be guest DJs, live music, tarot readings and special Halloween make-up artists on-hand to help you raise the fear factor. Be prepared to dress up, drink up and get your knees up at this decadent event - once they inform you which grand old mansion it’s actually being held in, that is, and you’ll have to get your hands on a ticket first for that!

Happening on the eve of all Hallows’ Eve (that’s Friday the 30th to the rest of us) Krankbrother: The Apolcalypse is a creepy club night held at the South Bank’s Pulse venue. Promising to transform the club into an underground, nightmarish light and sound show that will of course actually be madly enjoyable, there’s a frighteningly good line-up of DJs: Paul Woolford, Robag Wruhme, Tom Demac, Magda and a Sagittariun will all be playing to the tune of the end of the night (if not quite the world) as you know it. 

Salute the end of other bygone eras at the classiest night in town, The Candlelight Club Halloween Ball. Themed on 1920s prohibition speakeasies, this party is held in a secret Art Deco ballroom, replete with cocktails, champagne, chandeliers, burlesque beauties and bewitching magic tricks. There will be live jazz and swing music courtesy of the Top Shelf Band, Charleston experts the Gatsby Girls will show all you flappers, gangsters and high society ballers how it’s done…

A little more in the recent past, the Halloween Party at Maggie’s Club is themed on the 1980s and named after female powerhouse politician Margaret Thatcher. Held in a boutique nightclub hidden away in Chelsea, the theme this year will be ‘Return of the Living Dead’, with scenes from cult ‘80s murder movies flickering across the blood-stained walls, cocktails created by beguiling Belvedere vodka and fancy dress an entrance-requirement must!  

For the forward-thinking freaks out there, a futuristic hell is held in Winterwell: Lost in Space at the Loft Studios. Set in the year 3015, join the last remaining humans from a frozen planet Earth, cowering for cover on the space station Winterwell. Your mission is to find a new place for your species to inhabit, but you are thwarted by a contagious insanity that has spread through the ranks… you can struggle against the tide or join in the mayhem: DJs, games and live music await you to guide you on the path of righteous madness. 

As every hotel Piccadilly is centrally located in the middle of all the merry mayhem, these events, parties and more are all guaranteed to be within hiding distance of your safe haven here with us…