1. Saatchi’s Birthday

credit: Julia Wachtel – Champagne Life

Celebrating 3 decades in the making, the Saatchi Gallery is putting on the ultimate birthday bash, Champagne Life. Walk through 30 years of artistic history, with works from the female global greats, including home grown talent Tracey Emin and Alice Anderson.

2. Gin as it should be

image credit: bermondseygin.com

Dubbed ‘gin as it should be’, Jensen’s Gin founder fought a labour of love to revive London’s lost distilleries, and to give us Londoners a G&T worth waiting for. Repay the favour with a a weekend tasting, or arrange your very own distillery tour for a culture- packed crowd-pleaser.

3. Be the next Banksy

Stuffy art galleries just not your bag? Then why not get out and about with Banksy and co., as a local art buff uncovers the mystery behind London’s thriving street art and graffiti scene. Think you’ve got what it takes to sit alongside the greats? Prove it, as the tour returns to the studio for a graffiti workshop, where you can show off your skills to create a stencil, tote or tee.